Monday, April 5, 2010

we are the champions.....

Tonight was a good night....

Ok, that may be an understatement. A colossal understatement. There may have been screaming involved. And sweating. And glove wearing. And fist pumping. And bed jumping. And blue wearing. And high five-ing. And possibly even a little bit of tear crying.

My Duke Blue Devils are the NCAA National Champions!!!!
The last time they played in the national championship game was 2001. I was 15 and a freshman in high school... I remember it like it was yesterday. The same nervous jitters that make you feel like you might throw up or pee your pants. The same little black gloves on my fingers so that I didn't bite my fingernails to bloody-stubs. The same text messages after the game to either congratulate or make sarcastic comments. The same excitement and euphoria when the victory was sealed. So much in my life has changed over the past decade, but one thing remains ever the same-
my dedication to Duke!!!!

Congrats boys. Congrats Coach K. Congrats Dukies.
Stay tuned for a full-blown post on Shot Clock Chronicles later this week......

(PS: Rylee picked Duke in a school bracket for me. With their victory tonight he officially won me a barely released on Saturday Apple I-Pad! I know...... It's AWESOME. And all of you are finally probably excited about this post... But it was only the second best part of the night for me.... lol....)