Tuesday, April 20, 2010

blast from the past: "if at first you don't succeed"

blast from the past story #2:
"If at first you don't succeed....."

Ok, this story is notorious with my BFF Blakus and a whole group of my high school best friends. It's a good-er. One of those stories that you wouldn't believe actually happened unless you were there and there lots of other people there to vouch for the story..... Oh, good times and high school dates and blind dating.... Get ready!!

So I set Blake up on a blind date with one of my friends, we'll call her Angie*. We went to Logan (the "big city" lol) and did the whole dinner thing. Then we went to go see a movie as per most high school dates would go. I could tell that Angie was feeling it with Blake, but I wasn't sure if he was feeling it or not. Mind you, Angie was a very pretty girl. Normal. Smart. She did pretty well on his list of things he looks for in a girl. (This is pretty funny & pretty extensive list, but I won't share his secrets.....) We get to the movie and try to sit down. We got to the movie late and you probably all remember back in the day before Larry H. Miller's theaters when you couldn't pre-buy the exact seat you were sitting in..... So there weren't hardly any seats in the theater left. We ended up splitting up the group. Half of us in one row and the other half right behind them.

After this part of the story I deviate from actual memory and must rely of the memories of Blake and the friends sitting near him. (Did this sentence make anyone else feel like I was going to dump a memory into a pensieve and ask you to look at a memory a la Harry Potter?? lol) Anyway, I unfortunately, was seated behind them with my date. Anyway, Blake contends that his arms were folded. (Guess maybe he wasn't really feeling it, huh?) Angie begins by coyly putting her arm on the arm rest. When she can tell that Blake isn't going to make a move she locks arms with him and begins tickling his arm. Harmless right? I would think so.... Then I guess she wasn't very happy that her advances weren't being reciprocated so she pulls on his arm gently to try to unfold his arms and intertwine her fingers with his. Blake stands his ground and keeps the arms folded. The tugging begins to get a little bit harder. (Let me just interject that sitting directly behind Blake I DID see his body moving side to side a little. I figured they were mutually flirting and being silly.... Little did I know.....) Then Angie gets even more frustrated and pulls even harder. Blake interlocks his fingers with his other hands fingers in some sort of power wrestling move and jerks his arms back away from Angie with some gumption. I'm guessing (no confirmed side of her story from Angie) that Angie thought Blake was being funny and playing around with her. He wasn't. He didn't want to hold her hand. It was a first date. A blind date. And he was trying to make it pretty obvious that he wasn't interested. Angie gave a few more serious "reeling in a 2-ton shark" jerks to Blake's arms and then the unthinkable occurred...............

Angie stands up.
Throws her hands up over her head and yells EXTREMELY loudly
(in the middle of the movie mind you)
"I GIVE UP!!!!"
Sits back down and folds her arms for the rest of the movie.

Sitting directly behind Blake's head, I honestly could not believe what had just happened. I didn't know what she had "given up" on, but it was pretty much the strangest thing I have ever seen someone do on a blind date. Heck, any date. Needless to say, the 30 minute car ride back to Preston was a wee bit awkward.... But after we dropped Angie off, heard the full story from Blake, and re-lived the "I give up" moment several times- that night lived in infamy from then on.

So I challenge you-
anybody got a better awkwardness on a date or with a group date you were part of story!!??!!
(i'd certainly LOVE to hear it if so!)

*= name obviously changed to protect the awkwardly forward female lead character of this story


  1. W.O.W. That's awesome. I think when you're younger and dating, sometimes you don't think about how you're coming off. Seriously a good story.

    I'm not sure if I have any stories that embarrassing, but I will think about it.

  2. I don't have anything that great. I was once on a blind date with a guy who wouldn't stop touching me. I wasn't into him at all, and I didn't know any of his friends. We were actually in an institute class together, he called and asked me out, and I thought it was some other/cuter/less weird guy. I guess it wasn't a blind date in the traditional sense, but still.
    He wanted to go hot tubing afterwards, but I had just spent 2 hours trying to stay out of range.
    So, not really funny, but awkward. At least for me.

  3. "That's IT! I Give UP!" I don't think I was there for this, but I was home when blake returned home. oh. my. goodness. WHAT. A. DESPERATE. MESS. Poor "Angie." This gave me great laughs. You now need to tell the story of "Finding Nemo" +Me+Vicoden+Chantel+You + The Rape Picture +stripper column=Loud, funny, chaos! haha. WE HAD FUN, back in the day!