Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dum da da dah......

Some of you may have already seen the AMAZING news via Facebook or seen it in my previous post, but come a few weeks from now I will be the proud owner of a BRAND NEW Apple i-pad!!! I am SO incredibly excited you guys have no idea!!!! The best part is that it is FREE because Duke won the National Championship. There was some drama for a few days, but Rylee finally worked it all out with them and he is getting the i-pad as well as some Bar study materials from the company that sponsored the bracket. It all ended up that he is going to have to pay $100 for an "upgrade" or something, but he is still getting the $1000 Bar materials and the $500 i-pad for $100. Pretty good, eh? Probably better than anything I could have won by entering a bunch of March Madness bracket contests where I would have to pay to enter.

This means that I will have internet access (not via Blackberry) even at times when Rylee isn't at home. It also means that I will probably be posting a lot more in the blog-o-sphere and that I will be a lot better about commenting on all of your fabulous blog posts... I've never had a problem with sacrificing certain conveniences during our marriage (not having a car the whole first year and not having a computer at any point that wasn't for Ry's school) but I am ecstatic to have my own little gateway to not only the internet and blogging, but also a better way to work on my real writing than with a paper and pen.

So look out world!
Internet capable Katie is coming to a store near you.....
In a pretty dang cool i-pad package none the less.

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