Thursday, April 15, 2010

"i'm definitely not dead...."

Today I took food to some hungry law school students.
On my way home I sat at a stoplight on 4th South and 8th East downtown.
I was the first car, so closest to the light.
While I sat at that stoplight someone crossed in front of me.
Someone that I could have sworn I knew.
Someone that many of you may know as well.

Someone who looked exactly like this guy:

(WARNING: If you haven't at least watched through season 5 of Lost but plan on watching it someday- stop reading this post. Also, if you don't watch the TV series Lost, I'm sorry this post will be gibberish to you. )

It seriously felt like that moment at the end of season 5 where Hurley thinks he is crazy and talking to a dead Jacob while they are sharing the cab. Jacob replies that, "I'm definitely not dead"....... Now I know that I'm not crazy. And I certainly haven't had any other experiences of speaking to the dead. And I know that Jacob is not an actual person. (I think.... lol.) But when Jacob (or his identical twin brother) walked right past me in the crosswalk- I think I may know a little how Hurley felt. It was simply amazing how much the person in front of me not only looked like Jacob facially, but he moved like Jacob. His body language, movement, everything.... it WAS Jacob. After feeling like I was seeing someone who actually doesn't exist, three thoughts crossed my mind:

Roll down the window and ask him if he can send you to the island. Maybe on the island you'll be like Rose and get healed.

Jump out of the car chinese fire drill style and plead with him to tell you the "real" name of "the man in black aka fake Locke aka Lockeness monster"

Roll down the window and ask him if you can be a candidate too...

Which also got me wondering:
What would you ask Jacob if you saw him in the crosswalk in front of you?


  1. Too funny! I think I would ask Jacob what in the heck is going on with Lost!

  2. Who the MIB is!

    Christian lives up in Park City and Scott met him once!