Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blast from the past: 1 date, 2 versions

So I decided that for the new blog I would add a little segment I like to call "blast from the past". It will be funny, sad, random, etc. stories about my past. I have some pretty good dating stories, stories from jobs, and stories from other random times and thought it would be fun to share.....

This first little blast from the past is titled:
1 date, 2 versions
This is the story of the first date I ever had in college.... Enjoy!

The first week of my first semester at Utah State there was a random knock at my apartment door. Being the only one home, I answered the door to find a very attractive guy standing there and, of course, was delighted. He introduced himself as Adam* and I proceeded to invite him in. He said that he was friends with my roommate Nancy* and that he was there to take the TV in the front room because it was his TV that Nancy had borrowed for the summer while he did sales. Luckily even though I didn't know Nancy very well I had gotten her cell the day we all moved in, so I told him that I just wanted to call her and make sure his story checked out. Nancy confirmed that yes, the TV belonged to Adam and that he was free to take it. He asked me if I could come down to the parking lot with him and bring the DVD player that was with the TV. I smiled my most flirtatious smile and followed him down the stairs. He unlocked a red Jeep Wrangler and had me put the DVD player on the floor of the passengers seat. I made some comment about his Jeep (because at this time I drove a jacked-up white Jeep Wrangler...). I pointed out my Jeep 3 cars down in the parking lot, and he asked if he could take a look at it. I obliged and hopped my cute little flirty butt into my driver's seat. He seemed thoroughly impressed by my ride, we turned the car on to listen to my stereo system, and chatted (read: flirted) for a few minutes. He said he had to go catch the shuttle for class, thanked me for helping him with the TV, and hopped out of the Jeep. He told me it was a pleasure to meet me, (I was dying at this point! I mean seriously!! What high school boy ever said that it was a "pleasure" to meet anything!?!) but he just walked toward the shuttle without any further conversation. Being the little 18 year old I was, I thought he was cute, but found another boy to flirt with about 3 seconds later and didn't think about Adam at all for the next few hours.... About 4 hours later I get a phone call from Nancy* saying that Adam called her because he thought he might have accidentally left his keys in my Jeep and needed my number so that he could get them back. I gave her the go-ahead to give him my number and was happy at this little piece of fate that was bringing the cute red Jeep boy back into my field of vision. Adam called pretty much right away and apologized for leaving his keys if that's where they were. He asked how soon I would be back at Oakridge because he didn't live there and needed to go home. I had 1 more class and told him I'd be home in about 2 hours and would text him when I got there... I got home from class, checked my hair and put on some lipgloss, then texted some horrible message like "hey u.... i'm home now. if i have your keys what do i get if i give them back?.. hehe... :)" Oh man, I used to love the hehe instead of lol back in the day..... He was just in another apartment in the complex wasting time and came right over. I unlocked the Jeep and sure enough, there was his APX lanyard with gym pass-card, GNC membership card, and keys to boot. He flashed a Crest white-strips smile and told me how happy he was that this little accident had happened. He told me how hott he thought I was, and that he had been too intimidated to ask for my number earlier. I blushed, looked at the pavement, and twirled my hair with my finger like a stupid 18-year old would... Adam, being the smooth older man, asked if he could "keep using my number" and I nodded a coy little yes. I started walking back up the stairs, but he yelled out for me to stop. He told me he usually wasn't so forward but wanted to know if I had plans for that Saturday. I told him I didn't think I did, so he told me he was going to take me on a date.

Saturday came and I was SO nervous. My first college date!!!! Someone who wasn't in high school anymore and could grow facial hair if he wanted... I had just gotten my heart mildly broken about a week earlier (a story for another day) and wanted to move on with my college experience and find me a MAN... I tried on about a billion outfits wanting to find something to make me seem older (not that I needed anything more than my D-cups to do that.... lol) and finally picked an outfit. He picked me up from my apartment and my first official college date began. We went to the restaurant and I found it so posh that he asked what I wanted and then ordered for me when the waiter came back. He was older. He was a man. And I thought the date was the coolest thing ever. I learned in our conversation that Adam was almost finished with his pilot's license and was from somewhere around Salt Lake. He lived in a house (so cool!!!) with some roommates and had known Nancy for a few years. It dawned on me that if he had known my roommate for a few years that he was more than a few years older than me. I asked how old he was, and it turned out that he was 24. He asked how old I was and I embarrassingly fessed-up that I was only 18 and a freshman at Utah State... He seemed surprised that I was so young ("You don't look or act 18...." he flattered me) and asked if I thought it was weird that he was 6 years older than me. I was SO over boys my own age that just broke my heart anyway, and I immediately told him that I didn't care because college was college and that if you were an adult it didn't really matter that much. Secretly I thought that it was a little much of an age difference, but rationalized myself into thinking that 24 wasn't that much different that the 21 year old returned missionary MAN that I was desperately wanting in my life. The date ended and I was thrilled to finally be a "college girl"- no longer tied down to who or what I was in high school. No longer jail-bait to the older, wiser, sexier, college men in Logan.

Adam texted me over the next few days and casually mentioned that I should be expecting another date pretty soon. I was meeting so many new people and while I wasn't too worried or obsessed because I had other prospects as well, I wasn't dreading another date with Mr. Red Jeep Hottie. I saw Nancy later that day and she asked me if I had still been talking to him. I said I had, but I noticed she seemed kind of hesitant about something. I asked if there was something between them, not wanting to start drama or anything, and I felt pretty horrible. She reassured me that there wasn't anything between them, but asked if I was OK with the big age difference. I thought it was a little bit of an odd question, but replied that 6 years was a little much but not that bad. She started laughing her head off and shaking her head.... I was so confused. Did this older, wiser roommate know some college dating rule that I hadn't been notified of saying that 18 year olds couldn't date anyone older than 22? Did she think I was being naive and young and stupid? Was he dating one of Nancy's friends and she now thought I was a boyfriend stealer?

Then she dropped the bomb- Adam was actually THIRTY ONE..... Yep, 3-1! She eluded that he had a "thing" for young girls and sometimes lied about his age. She felt bad and said she should have warned me about it. Now let me just make two points here: 1- He did NOT look 31. He had a clean shaven, Abercrombie wearing, fresh off the mission look about him. and 2- I probably would have still gone out with him, but the fact that he lied about his age by SEVEN years was NOT in any way OK with me... After Nancy broke the truth and over the years of thinking about this story another version has emerged about what actually happened....... And thus....

Adam came to get back his TV from Nancy. Sees a newby 18 year old at the door and immediately develops a plan. Gets me to come down to his Jeep. Hopes I'll be impressed. Impressed that I have a Jeep as well. Makes plan to snag a freshman. Asks to see my Jeep so that he can "accidentally" leave his keys for a reason to "accidentally" get my number from Nancy. Asks out the young little lamb who is flirting shamelessly with him. CREEPILY lies on the date and tells her that he is 24. Flatters her by telling her she doesn't seem 18 at all. Secretly the CREEP is loving the fact that he's the first one to get a stab at this "fresh meat".... Continues to text her while stringing along a bunch of other little lambs in his sick little game of "Be the First to Catch the Freshman".... I'm pretty sure that the only reason he stayed interested was that I didn't put out on that first date... Otherwise he would have won and been off to younger and more elusive game.

Needless to say, I didn't go out with that liar again.....
But my 1st college date will remain an unforgettable and funny (although a little scary at the same time) story......

PS: Even funnier (and scarier by the same accord) is that I saw Adam a few years later at Club NVO flirting with some young looking little fillies. That would have made him about 35.... And still chasing some 18-year old tail. Creepo's like him should be run out of college towns. Seriously!

*Names have been changed. Although if you have a little sister at Utah State feel free to talk to me in private so I can warn you and give you his real name!!!! lol.

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  1. Too funny! I love that you did both versions too. I once dated a guy when I was 19 that was 31. Though he didn't prey on the young'ens.